Spider-Man in the Avengers is cool because he's a genuine hero and my favourite character, while also being completely outmatched by everyone on the team. Thunder God, Armour Suit, War Hero, Embodiment of Rage and then, "Hey guys! I've got sticky hands and I know when to duck!" Seeing him try to keep while being… » 3/26/15 11:26am 41 minutes ago

Well, my five year old likes the trailer, the original Inspector Gadget wasn't exactly Shakespeare, and at the very least it looks like it'll be better than the godawful Gadget Boy (seriously, you want a Grimdark Gadget retelling? How do all those cybernetic enhancements end up in a SMALL CHILD?). One benefit of the… » 3/25/15 1:31am Yesterday 1:31am

Given the amount of Islamaphobic stuff that you can find just by picking up a newspaper or turning on Fox News, I'm pretty certain that free speech is safe for now. Particularly for Islamaphobes.
Where the bigotry and violence of Islamic extremism does need to be criticised and fought, the people we need on side are… » 3/17/15 6:54am 3/17/15 6:54am

I'm only half tongue in cheek when I say your last joke here kind of excludes the majority of bisexuals who are just as sexually frustrated as everyone else (albeit for twice as many people). It was a novelty when Captain Jack did it, but now I'm getting kinda bored of the sexy-fucks-everything-bisexual. Where are the… » 2/26/15 4:34pm 2/26/15 4:34pm

The computers will get more powerful, the simulations will get more detailed, until one day someone says "What if we did a Civ 10k game, but changed the AI to make all the world leaders short-sighted psychopaths or idiots?"

And that simulation is where you live right now. » 2/26/15 3:54am 2/26/15 3:54am

But that's the great thing about bringing Spider-Man into MCU. On his own he's The One True Superhero, the only guy out there fighting the baddies who is strong and fast enough to go toe to toe with them. Bring him into the MCU and you've got a guy with a wardrobe full of super-powered mech suits, a Viking God, a… » 2/10/15 6:02am 2/10/15 6:02am

While that's true, Star Trek Deep Space Nine needed the Rodenberrytopian Star Trek TNG to contrast against. Even when Deep Space Nine was at its most gritty, the characters were still humans from this Utopian, post-scarcity world. Deep Space Nine looked at the dirt under the rug of the Federation and it was awesome.… » 2/06/15 2:58am 2/06/15 2:58am

As a kid I always wanted to be a scientist - scientist being a word I had heard primarily in Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Doctor Who. Eventually I realised science was hard and went into writing instead, although I've given talks on time travel, zombies, forcefields and brains in jars, and when I give those… » 2/03/15 7:23am 2/03/15 7:23am