Well, this five second google search turned up a good few images which feature as much of a bulge as you'd expect from a reasonably endowed person in a wetsuit.

But I think you're missing the main point- you say the problem is over sexualised characters rather than incorrect anatomy. The two are related. The… » 9/01/14 11:06am 9/01/14 11:06am

The Incredible Hulk- the second film in the MCU, didn't do all that great (hence no more Hulk movies). Marvel still managed to keep the whole thing going. There were many things DC could have done after Green Lantern tanked, but they threw all their toys out the pram and started again. » 8/22/14 11:34am 8/22/14 11:34am

What you're referring to is what professionals refer to as "Working on spec". This is where an artist, be it a video designer, writer or artist does the work on their own time, and then if publishers/clients etc. want to use it, they pay for the rights. This is how most novels, songs, and creator owned comics are… » 8/16/14 5:26am 8/16/14 5:26am

The two things are not mutually exclusive. As Craig says, Martin can write whatever the hell he wants. And we're totally entitled to say whatever we like about it. "I write whatever the fuck I want" is no defence against "Yeah, but what you're writing is shit". (And to clarify, because this is the Internet and… » 8/15/14 1:05am 8/15/14 1:05am

Got to say, I'm kinda hoping they don't dwell on this too much. It's still 2014 on the ship, they've had 50 years just like us. Between Life on Mars, Mad Men and Game of Thrones I'm getting kind of bored of "Hey, you know what would be really interesting and serious drama? Racism and misogyny! For historical… » 8/15/14 12:51am 8/15/14 12:51am

As well as the points already made: Vin Diesel was doing motion capture as well as voicework. He was on set with the rest of the cast, and he spent most of that time *on stilts*. Don't tell me you can't get paid extra for being on stilts the whole team. Vin Diesel cost Vin Diesel money, it's just his face wasn't on… » 8/06/14 1:54pm 8/06/14 1:54pm

One thing I want that summed it up for me (Minorest of minorest spoilers) is their attitude towards names. Man of Steel had many, many, many flaws, but for me the thing that showed it was in trouble was that in none of the publicity material was the word "Superman" ever mentioned, and in the movie the name was only… » 8/01/14 10:56pm 8/01/14 10:56pm